Friday, October 19, 2007

This afternoon I got a call

...from Luther College at the University of Regina. Professor Gerry Hill and his English class, in a course called "Writing the Western Landscape," were looking at "More Than Three Feet of Ice," the title poem of my last book, and they had some questions for me. Some very challenging questions. It was a fun call. Of course any line of questioning that starts off with a line containing an outhouse is bound to be fun.

Here's Gerry's account. I plan to track down that Banting text.


Ariel Gordon said...

Better than Xmas. Well, if not Xmas, then some other bank holiday...

Brenda Schmidt said...

Indeed! And I was all ready to go to the Orange Toad to celebrate with coffee and cake, but we had to wait on the team of men who were coming to haul out an oversized hunk of oak. They didn't show up until after the Toad closed, so no cake for me. But it's at the top of my agenda tomorrow.