Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've been hanging around lately. It's slick, clean and the tone really appeals to me. And the images add a lot. In fact, I just subscribed to's feed, a first for me. I've been resistant to RSS , though I have absolutely no reason. I subscribed to one other feed as well. It's to a blog.


I read the Goran Simic interview over at Words at Large. A very good interview. His words about Gwendolyn MacEwen are especially poignant.


Today I finally decided I should not read science news prior to editing my poems. It's never a good sign when one looks at a poem and says, well...we all know what happens when a weighty, dying star's core collapses. Then, turning to the cat....I don't feel a gravitational tug, do you?


Rhett said...

RSS is nice. I use Google Reader. Although, I still come to the sites... from time to time. I suppose this really isn't an interesting comment.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I find it interesting. I've been such a dinosaur about it. So far I quite like it. The feed for CanCult is right on top of things, but the one to the blog is behind today. I visited the blog because I wanted to see if there were any comments and because I often visit some of the blog links listed there, ones I haven't got in my own list. I suppose I could bookmark them. My bookmarks are a nightmare tho. I should wipe them out and begin again.

Maybe I'll try Google Reader, too.