Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some might think I'm a tad one-dimensional

...with my constant cupcake this, cupcake that. Heck, sometimes I even think so myself. Thankfully, Tracy has gone out of her way to dispel such notions. By the way, the reason why I'm writing a poem titled "I Cut My Bangs in Cesky Krumlov" is more than apparent in the video.

May 2
- I should mention that while I did take scissors, I did not take along a computer, camera or any other digital device, so there won't be any photos or videos from the Austria-Czech Republic trip on my blog. Instead I took along a plain Moleskine notebook. My plan for the trip was to write and sketch, and write and sketch I did. I can't believe how many pages I filled. Now to see where it goes.

May 2
- There's a photo in Tracy's flickr of me waving from the castle. Who could blame me for humming the theme to The Friendly Giant the whole time I was there?


Tracy Hamon said...

With a theme song like that, the friendly giant was lucky to have any friends.


Ken Kowal said...

i like the castle photo, "Rusty".

Anonymous said...

I love the theme song to The Friendly Giant. It's based on a beautiful traditional English folk tune, Early One Morning, which I would gladly sing for you when next we meet.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Rusty! That's funny, Ken. While there, Tracy and I agreed, yes, agreed, that I'm definitely Rusty. There are slight differences. For example, Rusty lives in a book bag and I'm in a book box. And Rusty is a rooster and anyone who knows me knows I'm nothing but a chicken.

Tracy, oh Tracy, did you read Berlynn's comment? Ha!!!

Berlynn, having heard your lovely singing voice, it would be a great pleasure to hear you sing Early one Morning. I will hold you to it, in fact.

Tracy Hamon said...

Sure, but as Gerome I always get to stick my neck out, not to mention I'm rather spotty.

Still not crazy about the tune no matter what name ya give it.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I dunno about the rather spotty bit. But, as the maker of Jerome would likely say, you're pretty easy to spot.

berlynn said...

Hey, come and hear me at the Soul Sisters event at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. I'm doing a collaboration with blues'n'jazz singer, Dawn Alexis.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I'd love to!