Monday, April 30, 2007

Over 100 people

...attended the Hagios Press spring launch at The Delta Bessborough last Thursday. Or so I hear. I didn't do the counting, but it looked like over 100 to me. It was one of the best and most moving launches I've been to in some time. Gary Hyland read from his new poetry book Hands Reaching in Water. Joanne Weber read from her first collection of poetry The Pear Orchard. Several contributors, including friend and fellow blogger Paula Jane Remlinger, read from
Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets
, edited by Barbara Klar and Paul Wilson. Hats off to every one. Wilson, now co-publisher with Hagios Press, was one of the new Saskatchewan poets in Heading Out: The New Saskatchewan Poets, published by Coteau Books back in 1986. It was edited by Anne Szumigalski and Don Kerr. Don Kerr was at the Hagios launch on Thursday, sitting right in front of me. I saw other contributors to Heading Out, all long established writers I admire, sitting in the crowd. How cool. I wonder which poets in Fast Forward will take on the task of editing and launching the next anthology? That's a ways down the road, I know. But I do know, just going by what I saw on Thursday, that many of the poets in Heading Out and Fast Forward will be there to hear.


K.A. Random said...

The Regina reading was pretty packed too. I've never seen that many people out to a poetry reading before.

Brenda Schmidt said...

That's great to hear, K.A. I look forward to reading the books. On the way home I read some of the poems in Fast Forward as well as the essays by Sheri Benning and Holly Luhning. Great stuff. I have lots of poems and essays yet to go.