Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today a request borrow my copy of Joy Kogawa's Obasan showed up in my inbox. I was taking a short break from painting at the time, so I grabbed the book off the shelf and rattled off a quick reply saying yes. However, I neglected to look inside the book before I replied to see what state I'd left it in. Luckily I was in my blue phase when I read it. Key passages are highlighted in a screaming peacock blue, but the majority of arrows, brackets and underlines are just pencilled in. I hope it won't be too distracting. Joy Kogawa will be one of the presenters at Talking Fresh 5 in Regina in March.

Things went well in the studio today. H was right. The painting wasn't as hopeless as I'd thought. I suspect my sweet tooth was behind all the trouble I was having with it yesterday.

After I was done painting, I came into my office and hauled all the books out of the bookcases. They're currently piled knee-deep in the living room. Then H hauled out the bookcases to ready the walls for a fresh coat of paint.


Tracy Hamon said...

Did you notice that Trevor Herriot looks like John Terpstra and vice versa?

Funny how this happens.

Rhett said...

Wait... wait... what?

That's not Trevor Herriot.

I'm glad your painting has improved and that you aren't sitting around like a rock.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I hadn't noticed. But I see what you mean.

Thanks Rhett. I think.

Berlynn said...

Wonder if Gerry's had a look-see at the website?