Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Seven literary salons

...will be held in Regina between January 13 and February 19 and it sounds like there are more in the works for 2008. That's fantastic.


Rhett said...

That's quite brilliant. I wish Alberta was smart. It seems that here everyone is in factions.

My word verification has "belch" in it. Awesome.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Really? So have you become a factionist?

Uh, you just belched on my blog.

Tracy Hamon said...

Aren't we already factionists by being bloggers?

Rhett said...

No one seems to use the guild here and all the writing groups, from what I can tell, (IE: university crowd, old people, and hipsters) all keep to themselves.

Weird town.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Hm. Good point, Tracy. I suppose bloggers could be considered factionists. It is a way of behaving or acting. But faction is such a loaded word. I'd prefer a more spirited term.

Rhett, do you think the size of the city has something to do with it? Or the rate of its growth?