Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tonight's reading in Thompson the Thompson Public Library was wonderful. Thanks to Trevor Surgenor for organizing the event. When I walked in I was amazed to see copies of Anne Szumigalski's Rapture of the Deep and Voice (by Szumigalski and Marie Elyse St. George) and a tape of Szumigalski's On Glassy Wings waiting on every chair. How moving to find the work of a great poet sitting there, waiting for us to arrive.

The Thompson Public Library sports not only a great collection of poetry, but very soon people will be able to sign out tools. We had a peek at the tools, which include stud finders, shovels, saws, hammers, extension cords, clamps... Apparently there's only a couple other libraries that carry tools -- one in Vancouver, BC and the other in Berkley, CA. I could go on and on about the exciting things going on at the Thompson Public Library, but I think the tools are a good example of the forward thinking happening there.

Thanks again to Trevor and to everyone who came out. It was great to meet you all.


Trevor Surgenor said...


Thanks for such a fantastic show. We'll be keeping our eyes out for you as you migrate back and forth. It was wonderful having you here and a real treat for Thompson. I'll email you pictures of the event today.

All my best,


Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Trevor!