Wednesday, June 15, 2005

From the periphery, the outside where "economies, ecosystems, and writing all begin" says Rob Budde in "Writing the Place Awake: Culture in a Northern City." I love the Wallace Stegner quote in this piece.

Tomorrow I'm off on the final leg of the Northern Manitoba tour. I haven't visited Thompson in years and I've never been to Churchill. I look forward to the readings and the train ride, not to mention the birds and the whales and everything else. My next post should appear on June 29.


Anita Daher said...

Hurrah! Say hit to Trevor at the library in Thompson for me, and enjoy Churchill!! If you drive out to Fort Churchill and on the way happen to see "The Stampes" still painted on big I lived there my name was Anita Stampe (but it wasn't me -- I swear!).

Brenda Schmidt said...

Anita, I said hi to Trevor from you. And I will be looking for your name near Churchill! People at the reading last night had great things to say about Churchill and pointed us to their favourite places to eat. I look forward to getting on that train. In the meantime I'll enjoy Thompson. Nice city!