Friday, January 28, 2005

Yesterday I learned

...two paintings from Alex Colville: Return, an exhibition of Colville's recent and earlier works, were vandalized. While vandalism happens all the time, and art vandals are not unheard of, it's particularly troubling to think that someone would enter a gallery and attack the art it houses.

Years ago a small painting of mine, along with a number of works by other artists, was stolen from a small commercial gallery. Though I was compensated for the piece and I got lots of mileage out of lame jokes about how my work, too, was worthy of thieves, to this day I wonder what came of that painting. Is it hidden away or was it merely tossed in a nearby lake, my hours of work now the platform for a sucker or some other bottom dweller?


Anita Daher said...

That picture is too funny! Bet those CSI guys were able to zoom in on the people, blow them up, shift them around, and get great close-ups of the bad guys...isn't that how it works on the TV show?

What an awful feeling it must be to have your work stolen, though. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, Brenda. Don't worry...I sure some baddie with an eye for good art hawked it for a terrific price to someone, who sold it to someone, who forgot about it and then gave it to someone who said they loved it and wanted to gift it to their great aunt, who has it hung in a place of pride for all to see, even now.

Perhaps one day you will have reason to call on her and will see it :-)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Anita, what a nice thought! I still think I'd have better luck seeing it again if I donned scuba gear :-)