Saturday, January 29, 2005

To pull

...paintings, photographs, sound, a kinetic assemblage and a video installation together so they work as a whole is a tremendous challenge, yet we forge ahead. We have less than three months to finish preparing the show, a two-day show that will be part of my book launch.

The sound and video components are the product of a collaboration. I put forth my vision and my partner then translated it into the media. Sorting through the weird shifting images in my head and articulating a sense of the finished product is much easier said than done, but after several long discussions I managed to convey my ideas. Though both the sound and the video still require editing, he certainly caught the spirit of my vision.

Today we hung half the paintings to see how they work together. As we sat and discussed the work, the cat strutted about, flicking her tail, a tail that's slowly coming back to life.

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