Saturday, March 11, 2017

Had a great time in Regina Talking Fresh and the Sage Hill Salon. The Talking Fresh presenters Eden Robinson, Falen Johnson, George Elliott Clarke, and Sue Goyette were great on the topic of risk, and the Sage Hill headliners George Elliott Clarke, Katherine Lawrence, and The Ben Winoski Project proved perfect for the Sage Hill Salon. It was great seeing so many friends and being at events that were so well-organized and seamless. Hats off to those who donated so generously to the Sage Hill Salon fundraiser.

On the way to Regina we saw a Northern Hawk Owl for the first time in years. I thought it was listening intently to something in the distance, perhaps another owl, but now I suspect it saw the blizzard coming, and what a blizzard it was!

Speaking of looking ahead: March 17 is the deadline to get your applications in to the Sage Hill Spring Poetry Colloquium with Tim Lilburn. Apply here. Tell your friends. Storm ahead with your work!