Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Owing

When fortunate enough to get any specimens of Mice I will put them in Rum. 
          – Donald Gunn to Spencer Baird. Feb 20, 1856.*

O fur of fortune
slicked back

bottom of the cask

grave half-closed
amber eyes


O white-footed

distilled post-squeak
spirit grog

O naked
swizzle stick

Ho ho ho
oak swish

pink post-lick


*The title and epigraph are from Donald Gunn’s letter to Spencer Baird in The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Ornithology: Northern Correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution, 1856-68, edited and introduced by Debra Lindsay. Winnipeg: Manitoba Record Society, 1991. A fascinating book.


Ariel Gordon said...

Very nice! (Anna says she really likes the "O naked / swizzle stick" bit...)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks A! And Anna! And thank you so much for the book!

theresa said...

Perfect. (And what a way to go.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thank you!