Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Creative Process


          scream by


          disappear in the spruce


          zips behind


Once upon a time, or today at approximately 2:30 pm give or take, this was a haiku. That's when I had the bright idea of perhaps approaching the arts council or the town to fund the placing of a poem on one of those portable signs that do their neon best to sell you things or get you to attend this or that. They're everywhere. I thought maybe a haiku would work. It could be a community thing, I thought. Then the word community took over. Creighton Community Haiku! Maybe I could convince the town to run haiku on the digital sign at the five corners. I could see it: Scrolling haiku! Or maybe add a haiku element to the upcoming winter festival: Ephemeral haiku written on the snow with wood ash! Or with mountain ash berries! I put aside the idea of geocached haiku right away as the audience for that would be too small and specialized, and for all I know maybe geocaching is no longer that popular. Besides it seems wrong to even think of squirreling away a poem under some rock or log. I put aside the idea of a community haiku blog. I dismissed the thought of a community haiku Facebook group. By 3:30 I had taken the haiku idea apart.     

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