Friday, April 25, 2014

Being surrounded with books

...has many upsides. For one, they are there when you need them. I spent the past few days with these two books  

My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer by Christian Wiman.
Every Riven Thing by Christian Wiman. 

both of which I highly recommend. The writing is so alive. The back cover of My Bright Abyss carries the word memoir, but in the preface Wiman more accurately describes the book as a mosaic, the prose pieces and fragments of poems brilliantly juxtaposed. It will appeal to anyone with an open and questioning mind.

As you can see, the snow is disappearing. Not pictured is the flock of purple finches stretching and singing in the willow. The scratch of juncos below. It's not overly warm, but it's early yet.

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