Monday, September 30, 2013

Waiting in the mail

...when we got home were two books by writers I became aware of thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. I mention this because the SWG conference is coming right up and early birds get a bit of a deal, the amount saved probably enough to buy a couple glasses of the frothy stuff at the Hotel Sask, not that the conference is being held there this year. Regardless, writers seem to end up in that lounge at some point anyway. The place has super-friendly vibes. Several book ideas, great gigs and zany plans have taken shape around those tables.

I placed the books and bookmarks on the rock in the backyard for these pics. Living with the Hawk is the latest novel by Robert Currie, a well-known Saskatchewan writer and one of my long-time role models. I own several of his previous titles.

The Deaf House is a creative memoir by Joanne Weber. I heard her give a powerful reading from the manuscript a couple years back at the awards dinner where she received the John V. Hicks Manuscript Award. The reading was funny, stirring and memorable. I knew then that I'd buy the book as soon as it was available.  

Published by Thistledown Press, it's no surprise that both books have gorgeous covers, are beautifully designed and have that heft that I always go on about. It matters. The bookmarks, too, are lovely. Such attention to detail leaves a great first impression.

I hope to read these books before the conference, though who knows if I'll actually get there. The weather in November can be pretty iffy.

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