Monday, September 17, 2012


...Harvey spotted this little guy here in Creighton, SK, foraging in the strip of lawn between our driveway and the rock wall. Luckily he had a camera in hand.

We both had plenty of time to observe the bird and its behavior. I was struck by the unusual green and how easily it was lost in the grass and dandelions and clover. I loved its strong bill and the way it rooted around. I sent five of Harvey's pics off for an expert opinion (not including the pic above, which was taken a bit later under sunnier conditions). It was a sunny, then cloudy, then sunny kind of day. Harvey shot this video of the bird as well (not sent either), which is best viewed in HD.

Here are the pics I sent:

I heard back this afternoon. It's a young Painted Bunting, the sixth of the species for Saskatchewan. Many thanks to Alan Smith.

Photos and video by Harvey Schmidt.


theresa said...

What beautiful birds! Years ago I lived on a small island off the west coast of Ireland and remember snow buntings from time to time.

the regina mom said...

That is so worthy of a tweet!

the regina mom said...

Wait a hold it! It's a baby bunting?!? And has Daddy gone a'hunting?

Too damned cute on all levels!

Tweeted, btw.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Nice! I love snow buntings. Living on a small island off the coast of Ireland sounds so dreamy!

Thanks for the tweet, Bern! Exciting times in the Schmidt house!

Kathy H said...

Fantastic! What on earth is this little fellow doing way Up North?
Great photos!

Brenda Schmidt said...

I saw in an ABA pdf that a male was photographed by a researcher in Nunavut in 2009, so this isn't Up North at all! I learned tons googling as I waited. :)

Brenda Schmidt said...

But seriously, yes, it is way far north. Weird.