Sunday, September 30, 2012

A place for everything the title of this article in Prairie Books Now, featuring the spring titles from Hagios Press, my book Grid among them. Thanks to Ariel Gordon for the interview. Questions of place came up during the launch of Flight Calls as well. They're always a challenge.

In the last light of the day prior to our journey to Regina last week, I saw this.

Ruffed grouse don't visit the yard too often. I took a few pics to document its visit and then watched its every move until it flew off. The placement of its feet on the slender branch, the sure grasp, the balance as it reached down to pluck berries, the grace with which it righted itself, the rare flap. I thought of it when I first read the latest post on Blue Duets and again when I returned to further consider the question: Who do we create for?

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