Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thrilled to see Flight Calls this pile of books on The Jane Day Reader and even more thrilled to see it on the "Toothy re-reads" list. Thank you to Ariel Gordon. Copies of the book have been floating around for a while now and happily I've already received some feedback, including a lovely note that came in the mail today. Flight Calls: An Apprentice on the Art of Listening is an experiment of sorts. It was fun to write, but you never know how it will fly. I'll be posting about the book as soon as Kalamalka Press has their new site up, so please consider this a happy pre-post post from my perch in this windy province.


the regina mom said...

I'm awaiting Kalamalka's new site, too, before I send notice of this book's birth far and wide!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thank you! Music to my ears! Both of them! :)