Thursday, May 24, 2012

These two books have been in hand

...the past few mornings. Fine mornings indeed.

Flat Side by Monty Reid (Red Deer College Press, 1998).

Contributor's Notes by Monty Reid (Gaspereau Press, 2011). 

Those of you who attended my session at Talking Fresh in 2011 heard me refer to Reid's essay "Small Town, Small World" which I found in Trace: Prairie Writers on Writing, edited by Birk Sproxton (Turnstone Press, 1986). I'd spent time with Reid's work before, having bought his Luskville Reductions (Brick Books) back in 2008. That's how I learned he was born in Saskatchewan. He doesn't live here anymore.


Pearl said...

ooh, you're in for fun. I enjoyed both of those.

(yes, we stole him. I think there was a committee that went on the Monty Mission.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

I finished reading them and you're right. I enjoyed both too.

And quit stealing our poets!

Pearl said...

you quit making great ones and we'll see. btw, we have a lovely city here, Brenda...

Brenda Schmidt said...

Haha! Thanks! It is lovely, that's for sure. And from the pics I see it looks like you're part of a great, close writing community. Regina strikes me the same way. Very supportive writing/arts community there.