Friday, June 25, 2010

The Arts Professions Act

...means written contracts are now required between professional artists of all types and those who want to hire, engage or contract them for their work or performance. Starting June 1. Thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild eBriefs for reminding me of this. The Arts Professions Act is a component of the new cultural policy, Pride of Saskatchewan. More here.

The big forest fire keeps getting bigger. It gets pretty smoky here at times.

It puts a weird light on everything.


carin said...

Haven't heard about the fires. Odd. I'll be listening to the news (and checking the papers) more carefully tomorrow. Here's hoping all is safe.

Brenda Schmidt said...

It's a monster fire. The wind has been shifting like crazy over the past day or so. I'd hate to be in the communities closer to it. There's a little rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. But a risk of thunderstorms too. That's the last thing we need. It's horribly dry.

carin said...

Still not on the mainstream news here (in Ontario). Typical. Seems the newsmongers are more interested in the daft G20 meeting and even dafter protests (I say we should all ignore the whole stupid meeting; that would rankle them more than anything).

I have, however, found some info on the 'net. Am stunned to know the fire's covering an area bigger than the size of Winnipeg...

Rain would be good, no?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya, I heard a radio report today that said it had grown to about 52,000 hectares as of noon today and spreading in all directions. We did get some rain this afternoon along with a slow moving thunderstorm that looked like it was heading to the fire. Hopefully they got more rain than lightning.

I just spent an hour on my bike watching news of the goings on in Toronto. I feel like I'm from another planet. It's all so strange.