Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Rustic Bunting gets Star treatment today's paper. Les MacPherson of The Star Phoenix had heard what Trevor Herriot had to say about the sighting on CBC's Birdline, so he gave us a call. It's a great story. I got quite a chuckle out of his theory.

Update: So I've received some feedback. In the article it says "Rustic buntings have been seen before in North America, twice, both times on Alaska's west coast." I remember how that part of the interview went and it's totally my fault. Alas, my morning brain failed to connect with my mouth at that point. I meant twice already this season.


Ian LeTourneau said...

very neat article! and I thought that was an interesting theory, as well, but I had one quibble: from my recent experience, Greyhound is not that reliable!

happy holidays to you and Harvey!

oh, and your sighting is going to have me really examining all the sparrows in my yard for now on!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Ya, good thing the bird wasn't waiting for that particular bus!

Happy holidays to you!

Yes, gosh knows what we miss when we're not really looking!

Ariel Gordon said...

Very nice!

(I miss nothing! Not a single cake crumb!)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Very nice, indeed!

(I know. You miss nothing. Not a single cake crumb. Not that I'd ever leave a single cake crumb.)

Gerald Hill said...

What a memorable week or two before Christmas. Can't wait to see how this all turns up in your own writing, if it does.
Good luck bunting!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Memorable is right! Not only have we learned new things about a new-to-us-bird, but thanks to the bunting we've met some wonderful people. Yay for that!

Gerald Hill said...

That would be good will bunting.

Garey Harritt said...

How do I contact you to see if the bunting is still there and then if I get there to see it?
Garey Harritt
Guthrie OK USA