Sunday, November 01, 2009

There's an abundance

...of berries in the yard right now. An abundance of birds.

This pic was taken through a triple pane window a little while ago and you can tell. It's just not clear. The snow was falling then and it's still falling. The grosbeaks come and go, that yellow against the snow bringing to mind the disruptions of which Robert Kroetsch and John Lent speak in Abundance: The Mackie House Conversations about the Writing Life. Gerry had an extra copy and offered it to me and I jumped on it, as both Kroetsch and Lent have been important to me and my work. I'm partway through the conversation. It's wonderful. When I'm done I'll let it sit then read it again with pencil in hand. There will be marks. In abundance. Unresolvability, for one, will be underlined.

Disruptions here today, interruptions yesterday on Capacious Hold-All. A time of ruptions. I just looked ruption up in the OED and found that it's now rare or obsolete. Not specific enough I suppose. Doesn't sit well on the tongue either. Nor in the ear.


Shawna Lemay said...

The yellow against the snow is startling. I like the smudgy quality of the photo - which must be thanks to the window you shot through.

And now you have me intrigued by the Kroetsch/Lent book...going to have to go and look that one up! Thanks! A craving for conversations - eavesdropping - as I plan my hibernation...

Brenda Schmidt said...


I know that craving. Yes, it's definitely time to hibernate. And this snow gives me permission. At least that's what I like to tell myself.