Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From our treehouse you, says the bag containing the seedling. Compliments of SaskPower Shand Greenhouse.

H got the seedling at the town office. Today he'll follow the planting instructions on the back. After he's done, I just might pin the bag up on my bulletin board so I can keep the final step in mind:

6. Maintain a weed-free environment for at least three years until established.

Now that's good advice. Will do.


Rhett Soveran said...

Three years? You just tell that tree---you are either going to sink or swim or be out-competed by weeds. I won't coddle you forever, tree! I have needs too, tree! And you are very poky. (I feel like it should be "pokey", but my browser says no.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Oh my! Poor little seedling would be quaking in its plug if it were in your hands!

I ain't gonna let weeds choke it out. No way. Weeds are all me me all the time. Out they go!

tracy said...

But weeds are plants too? Look at how pretty the thistle blooms! And the dandelion!

I think weeds have certain charm.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Indeed they are. And successful plants at that. And, yes, often pretty and most charming.

Zachariah Wells said...

If you need a weed-free environment, I could offer you my scalp. No weeds grow on concrete.