Sunday, September 28, 2008

I just checked out

...the Brick Books site to see what's new and there's plenty. The site has a great new look complete with a shopping cart! I love the words Add to Cart.

Anansi also caught my attention. I'd looked at Jeremiah, Ohio by Adam Sol last time I was in McNally Robinson. I flipped through it and put it back on the shelf. Even though I own his last book and like it, and even though this one was recommended, I didn't have the urge to buy it. But then yesterday I listened to the audio that Anansi posted. Now I'm sold. And Anansi also has a shopping cart. Nice.


Paula Jane said...

That "add to cart" option gets me in SO much trouble. It's way too easy, and then the items just arrive at your door. My postal carrier called me the Queen of Packages the other day. I fear that's a bad sign.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Queen of Packages! ha! That's great.