Sunday, August 24, 2008

The skies just east of here

...have been busy today. I could see the bird dog from my office window. We finally took a drive at 4:30 to see what was going on. We walked up a quad trail and then climbed a hill to get this pic.

The helicopter wasted no time. It was quite a sight. When we turned to leave we saw people in the rocks all around.

August 25

Word has it the fire was close to the ski chalet. The cross country ski trails are excellent up here, or so I'm told. I'm not a skier. I've only hiked on them in the summer and only once or twice in the twenty-some years I've lived up here. One time I sat on a hill just off a trail and painted. A watercolour. I remember it was going really well. Then I overworked part of it. Not good. Anyway, had we gone earlier yesterday I would've got pics of the waterbombers as they knocked down the fire. I love those planes. The deep rumble. But I'm happy we went when we did, as I've seen waterbombers at work before, but never a helicopter. I liked its nimbleness. Its funky bucket.

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