Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fernie Writers Conference 2008, Day 3

Today we stopped in at Naked Earth Pottery, a lovely pottery shop in downtown Fernie. There we bought two teapots and two cups made by Sher Pichler, the owner. The one pot we'll use daily. The other was part of a group show called Morphology. It's fabulous. It makes me think of Seuss's Cat in the Hat. If the Cat in the Hat were to serve you tea, this is the pot he'd use. I'd post a pic, but it's packed tightly for the journey home. She also threw in two pottery key chains. I plan to convert this one to a pendant.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of being on another panel. The panelists were (left to right) Keith Liggett, John Keeble, Angie Abdou, Peter Oliva, me, and Sid Marty.

Do poetry and prose inform each other? Is there a connection? Those were the questions we were to address. It was a wide ranging discussion. It was great to meet and listen to Sid Marty. I look forward to hearing him read tonight.

More later.

The poetry reading took place at The Northern Hotel. What a great turnout! I joined Keith Liggett and Sid Marty in a fun reading where we took turns, choosing poems in response to each other's work.

Then a poetry scholarship recipient read to close the reading. It was a fun evening. Here I am with (left to right) Kim McCullough, Adam MacDonald and Joni Krats.

All three are taking part in the novel workshops. Adam gave me my first frolf lesson last year.

Well, the balcony is calling. So is the wind. No brie for me tonight. We ran out. I'll have something sweet instead.


tracy said...

No frolf this year? Good to see you in back in brown. I was beginning to worry.

Brenda Schmidt said...

So far no frolf, but you never know.

Yep, back in brown. Brown today too. I had a serious brown crisis this morning. My favourite brown sandals are MIA. I think they're in Moose Jaw.

Anonymous said...

I liked some color!


Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Wait till you see my funky new shoes.