Sunday, May 11, 2008

The poetry salon

...was wonderful! My thanks to Katherine Lawrence for inviting me and thanks to everyone who came out. Incredible people, incredible food. What a dreamy experience! And it was great fun to read with Gerald Hill. We took turns reading, choosing poems as we went along that played off each other's work in some way. Gerry went first. When preparing for the salon, I had tried to guess what poem he'd read first so I could plan a comeback. I'd stopped on one particular poem and thought, no, he wouldn't dare start with that. But sure enough.

H took some pics.

Here's Gerry and me scheming.

Here's Katherine making introductions.

Gerry reading.

And me.


tracy said...

Lovely! Yer bangs look good! So sad to have missed it. Katherine's house looks amazing!

Is that a brown dress by any chance?

Brenda Schmidt said...

I did a terrible job of my bangs. But then I don't look like me if my bangs aren't hacked.

You definitely missed out. And yes, the house is beautiful.

Ha! Yes, that's my latest brown dress. I have another brown one packed. Left the other brown dresses at home. I forgot to pack a brown skirt. What was I thinking?