Sunday, January 27, 2008

Batman was beyond anything

...I could've imagined. The shark took me completely by surprise. I giggled uncontrollably. And the bomb disposal scene. How ridiculous! I did learn a number of things from this movie. Here's the top three:

1. I now know what "extraordinarily campy" truly means.

2. Labels are scary.

3. Superhero costumes simply are not flattering.

Because I have to miss movie night next week, we watched The Bourne Ultimatum last night. I became interested in seeing the movie after hearing Michael Geist refer to it in his chilling talk on privacy issues. In light of his remarks, the movie is disturbing.

Maclean's recently sent me a free issue and a subscription offer. I was a long-time subscriber until the internet took over. Now I get all the news online. I stopped watching news on TV. I stopped listening to news on the radio. The magazine was the last to go. I canceled my subscription to Maclean's a few years back largely because I disliked the change in format and was disappointed with the content. It lacked the kind of substance that had drawn me to the magazine in the first place. In this issue the editor talks about the revamped Maclean's and, indeed, it has been revamped. I immediately sat down and read "Adding Fuel to the Doctor Crisis," which raised fresh and troubling questions that left me thinking, exactly what I expect from a good article. I went on to read a number of articles and I must say I'm impressed. And the offer came at the right time. Like always, the times are changing. I spend long hours at the computer. I get tired of looking at the screen, tired of the mouse. I know I'm not alone. This online fatigue and the magazine's smart and timely revamping make the 82 per cent increase in newsstand sales of Maclean's seem reasonable. This magazine is the perfect getaway. A perfect magazine to read while working out on the bike. I will definitely subscribe.


sms said...

my mom has been passing her macL's on to me and I have to say, I've been considering a subscription too... good editing/stories etc... decent book and movie reviews too... not just rubber-stamping/part of the promo cog which so many publications/t.v. shows etc. seem to be now...

Anita Daher said...

I so know what you mean about staring at the screen to long, I...oh--gotta go. Simpson's is on!

Brenda Schmidt said...

You're right, Sms. After I posted I hopped on the bike and spent more time with the issue, tension cranked. I'm still impressed.

Ha! I know who the Simpsons are. I should get a few pop culture points for that.

tracy said...

I like the horoscopes in _Elle_ magazine. Now that's fun.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Good grief.

Paula Jane said...

am so glad you enjoyed the movie. It's insane, but in a likable kind of way. I love the shark scene - especially the Bat-Shark Repellent. I take it with me to Florida every year (the shark-repellent, I mean.) I also love that Robin has to hang from the rope ladder by this knees before handing down the canister.

And the bomb scene - some days you just can't get rid of a bomb! Classic.

I'm also fond of the: "He's got us by the ... magnetic objects in our utility belts." And the noble dolphin's sacrifice.

Oh, and that poor black cat they were throwing around. Dickens objects strenuously to that bit, although he's rather fond of Catwoman.

Wait till I show you the episode with the Batousie. Your education is just beginning, my friend.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Batousie! Good grief.

You actually have shark repellent?