Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It was snowing softly

...when I read this thoughtful post on blogging vs. journaling over on Lemon Hound, but it's really coming down now. We got back from The Orange Toad a short while ago. There we had an apple spice pecan muffin and the brew of the day, Irish cream. As we lingered over a refill, we discussed some of the things in Lemon Hound's post. The bit about creating worlds really hits home today. Sometimes a virtual world has a crust, discontinuities, but when one digs down there simply is no mantle, no core. Disappointing, yes, but I like to think such discoveries can lead to new worlds. To a more concerted effort at creating the depths, figuring out the tectonic plates, the shifts, the resulting topography.

Blog encounters of the best kind:

A great quote.

"Freaky deaky" matching rhyme schematics. I really hope I don't start saying freaky deaky all the time, but it's sure fun to say.

A world so beautifully made.

Finally, here's a world

out in the cold.


Paula Jane said...

Lovely and thoughtful all around. I'm trying to exercise ... or perhaps that should be exorcise ... my hermit tendencies these days. Trying to make peace with the web once more.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Paula Jane! Nice to see you back! Have you read any good aviation articles lately? I have. And I won't get into the enormous cow I received in the mail, but is was enormous.

I have my fingers crossed for Feb...

Paula Jane said...

Hee-hee. Who would send you an enormous cow? Oh, wait ... that would be me. I have a sheep that came from the same place that cow did. You won't believe it!

I'm figuring out that I have trouble keeping up with my blog because I'm self-conscious. It's much easier to be someone else on the web, I think. Hence the attraction of pseudonyms and such.

Brenda Schmidt said...

A sheep! ha!

Self-consciousness is a good thing. I think there's all sorts of ways to look at blogging. My blog, for instance, is not online journaling. It is not a diary. I'm very selective about what I post. The majority of my travels and activities are not posted for public consumption. I see my blog as an experiment in form. One day I might look back on this blog as my first attempt at creative nonfiction, published online. Badly written, badly structured, but a way of thinking myself into the genre and bypassing bad reviews. :)

Sometimes in my brief jottings, both here and in email, I fail to come across properly. That happens to us all in real life as well, but in the virtual world it's much more likely. That's not news. If the people haven't had much contact in person, they have to rely on emails to form impressions of a person's personality. Sometimes they're way off due to mis-writings and misreadings. And sometimes virtual working relationships fail because of it. I guess one has to be prepared to swallow big investments of time. Sometimes there will be a return, sometimes not. With only a couple exceptions, blogging and my online working relationships have been overwhelmingly positive.

John W. MacDonald said...

Thank you, Brenda. You made my week.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I take it you saw my comment over yonder. Well, it's a fact. This, by the way, is tremendous, John. Be warned, if down the road you encounter some over-caffeinated yahoo who keeps shoving her mug in front of your camera, it's just me. Annoying but harmless. :)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Oops. For those of you who don't know what I mean by over yonder, I mean over here.

pohanginapete said...

Brenda, thankyou. I'm honoured. Thanks, too, for linking to lemonhound's post, which, like a few things I've read on blogs lately (yes, I still read some), seems to crystallise some vague feelings I've been having about blogs and blogging.

That's a lovely photo, BTW.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Pete!

Here's Lemon Hound's excellent follow-up post. I, too, often wonder about "the unthinking march forward" as Lemon Hound calls it. Who knows where this is going. Maybe the internet is channeling Chaucer and we're all just virtual pilgrims in a revised version of the Canterbury Tales. :)