Friday, November 02, 2007

What a thrill be reading John Metcalf's memoir Shut Up He Explained. It's a hefty hardcover and a great read thus far. Every once in a while I close the book just to look at it. The disbelief just won't go away. I still can't believe one of my beloved culverts is on the cover.

The box from Biblioasis arrived a short while back. It was far bigger and heavier than I'd expected. In addition to the cheque and copies of Shut Up He Explained, I was surprised to find the box contained a number of Biblioasis titles that I didn't have. Crossroads Near Somewhere by A.F. Moritz. Sparrows and Arrows by Chris Banks. Lyric and Elegy by Adam Getty. Straight Razor and Other Poems by Salvatore Ala. Time's Covenant by Eric Ormsby. The Properties of Things by David Solway. Solway's book is hot off the press and isn't on the website yet. What a gorgeous book! Biblioasis uses very nice paper for all their books. Beautiful colour, weight and texture. Beautiful ink. Beautiful fonts. These books are a lovely addition to my collection. I'm so lucky!


We're back home after a great road trip. Mind you, there was one incident that wasn't so great. We were driving along, minding our own business, and bang! I screamed and ducked. Saw a spray of fluid on the dash, the windshield. Fluid on the seat. I looked back and saw fluid on the back window. Fluid everywhere. It turns out H had a couple cans of coke under the seat and one blew up. What a mess! My coat was unwearable. My binoculars were gross. Everything we touched was sticky. Everything stunk. Yuck.

Road trips have really changed. On the way home we stopped in Prince Albert to fuel up and grab some lunch. While H ran into Safeway to buy some food, I sat in the car and checked my email thanks to Safeway's free Wi-Fi. I replied to a few emails and exchanged words about the latest Neanderthal news with a writer in Toronto and then off we went. I was still thinking about Neanderthals an hour or so later when a wolf ran across the road in front of us.

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