Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today I was doing research

...for the writing project that I'm working on now. The following pics were taken by H.

Here's our guide and his camo-coloured cat.

Here's what he found for us.

Notice the coyote in the top right corner of this one.

And here's a couple does.

It was great to climb through the coulees. Wildlife everywhere.

What a glorious day.


Ariel Gordon said...

Can you call eyeing owls research?

Immensely jealously yours,


Brenda Schmidt said...

Sure, if you're doing research on joy...

I've been thinking of you as I tromp through the hills. You'd love it here.

sms said...

magnificent - esp. the moose. last night I sat out in the h.tub (so west coast I know), looking at the stars and listening to the growls and sighs of satisfaction coming from the ocean 150 metres away... it's love time in the seal colony... they sometimes sound like grizzlies, other times like teenage girls!

I too, like Ariel, am immensely jealous!

Brenda Schmidt said...

A seal colony! Now I'm jealous!

Rhett said...

I've been thinking about this for days and I can't figure it out. Why does he have a cat? Does the cat help him track? Is it a trained cat? If so, why can't my cats track? All they do is annoy and complain for food.

Brenda Schmidt said...

That pic was taken just as we were leaving the house to head to the coulees. The cat was waiting at the door. She just happens to match his camo. Like your cats, she's always after food, even though she is a master mouser. She's a very cuddly cat, too, and loves to be held. The down side is that she loves to knead as well. I've never seen or felt such long sharp claws.