Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saskatoon has emerged one of the country’s leading art cities says Carol Perehudoff in enRoute magazine. While I agree wholeheartedly, I'd go one step further and say Saskatchewan has emerged as one of the country's leading art provinces. But I guess that's old news.

The brief article mentions a number of artists, including Charley Farrero whose work just happens to be hanging in my office. We have a few of his pieces in our collection.

As a resident of one of the country's leading art provinces, I am proud to say I'm going to listen to SoundXchange today, a review of Saskatchewan arts, entertainment and culture. It's a brand new program on CBC Saskatchewan, hosted by Kelley Jo Burke. I missed the first show last weekend because we were away, so I'm not sure how it differs from Gallery, the show that it replaced.

Kelley Jo Burke will be speaking at the SWG Fall Conference about writing for CBC and what we can expect from it as a market. I registered for Judith Krause's workshop on ekphrastic poetry, which runs at the same time, so H will attend the CBC talk and fill me in.

We're still working on the studio. We hope to be finished before the conference. Actually, we hope to be finished by next weekend. A while back I'd mentioned the hardwood floor that we discovered under old well-glued tile. Well, I'm happy to say the last coat of finish was applied this morning. Removing the tile and glue was an incredible amount of work, but that never frightens us. And wow is all I can say. The floor is beautiful.


K.A. Random said...

See you at the conference, probably. I can only make the Friday. If you're in town on Thursday you should go to the Spring launch. I'll be reading.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Great! We'll be there.

John said...

Might there be a picture of the floor?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Coming right up, John! As soon as we get the baseboards on.

John said...

Thanks, Brenda.