Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sometimes all it takes is one poem spark my interest in a poet's oeuvre. Such was the case when I read "The General" by A. F. Moritz from Rest on the Flight into Egypt. That poem gives me the shivers every time I read it. Serious goosebumps. Just thinking of the poem is enough to put me there in the corn, feeling the dry stalks and all that's happened. The horrible weight. And whenever I see a field of corn, I recall the poem and become lost in it again. Few poems make my mind zoom in and out so dramatically on every single reading, never fail.

Needless to say, I was really excited to see the new Moritz titles at Frog Hollow Press. Tonight I ordered Now That You Revive and the companion Editing Moritz, which I'm really curious about.

I also ordered "Achromatope," a new poem by Zach Wells.

This order is my post-Fernie celebratory treat.

Can someone tell me how to pronounce Moritz correctly?


Rhett said...

Oeuvre... doesn't that mean egg... sick.

GM said...

It's pronounced just like it sounds.

Brenda Schmidt said...

ha! Rhett, that's terrible.

Thanks, G. So it's "more ritz" then, right? I ask because I heard it pronounced quite differently a while back. I had no idea who the person was talking about at first. And it wouldn't be the first time I buggered up the pronunciation of a name. McKay and Legris are two examples.

Zachariah Wells said...

That's probably my favourite Moritz poem, too. And that book is my favourite Moritz book.