Friday, February 16, 2007

I spent the colder days

…of this week reading books that I borrowed. These include Immigrant Blues by Goran Simic, Lunar Drift by Marlene Cookshaw, Clinic Day by Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, Souwesto Home by James Reaney, and Point No Point by Jane Munro. This morning I’ll start Paul Auster’s Disappearances.

While I’ve been inside reading, H has been outside, hanging out with the ermine that I’d posted about back in December. It’s living in our junky compost area, which is partially fenced in, and has left holes and tracks all over the yard. What I didn’t know until I saw H’s video is that the ermine has been eating off of my favourite plates!


Amy said...

How great! Your ermine looks *a lot* like our ferrets--especially the curious look/sniffing part and the "grabbing food off plate and dashing off" part.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya, I'm happy it's hanging around.

I'd like to meet your ferrets some day.