Friday, November 24, 2006

'Tis the season


Mom said...

Better put more clothes on him. He looks cold !!

Brenda Schmidt said...

But Mom, he has more clothes on than I did. :)

It was cold out there with the wind. Just about froze my paws off getting this shot. Got another big dump of snow last night.

GM said...

Who knew the tree would drop that big pile of snow on you when you set the timer and ran around to pose with the bear? I guess that'll teach you to sneeze before the shutter goes.

Such is life in a North Saskatchewan goldrush town sitcom. "Corner Stripmine". I can see it now.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I can see it too!

Corner Stripmine Episode 1:
Me, Mouse (who hates being mistaken for a bear), and a few writer friends are enjoying hot chocolate in our brand new quinzee, which took days to build. We're having a fine time and are thrilled when another writer crawls into the quinzee to join us. Just then G comes along. He spots a pair of feet wiggling, then disappearing in "that big pile of snow." G kicks into action. "Go dig 'em up, Mouse," G says to his big Saint Bernard, leaving the viewer to wonder about G's eyesight and/or his knowledge of the animal kingdom. The Saint Bernard looks at him and shrugs, as if this is an ongoing thing, but obeys him anyhow. The dog crawls up the quinzee and crashes through the roof. Hot chocolate all over hell. G shakes his finger at the writers. "Tut tut," he says, "everyone knows Mouse shouldn't have chocolate."
The End.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Oops, I forgot to name the cast.
Corner Stripmine Episode 1
The Cast:
Mouse, the mouse pictured above
Mouse, G's oddly named Saint Bernard
Five writers who know what a quinzee is

GM said...

Brilliant! I want 50%.

tracy said...

A lovely bedtime story.

Is it a parable or a fable?

ZW said...

I built a quinze in my yard in Halifax a couple of winters back; it even had a window made of ice. It being Halifax, it didn't last long before it sagged in on itself. And I didn't report the work on my EI claim either...

Brenda Schmidt said...

A window made of ice! Ok, that takes the quinzee cake. You're in. The fanciest quinzee I've been involved with had candleholders in the walls, but I don't think they were too tough to construct.

Tracy and Z, I see that the links from your comments to your sites don't work. I recently switched to Blogger beta, and the comment function works differently, at least for now. When you comment, it asks you to Choose an identity. Just click Other and boxes will pop up for your name and webpage.