Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This post one of the 1.3 million posts that bloggers will make today. Multiply that by readers and you have a serious amount of reading going on. Mind you, I received a couple calls since Corner Gas aired on Monday. I didn't see the show. Anyhow, the calls came from people who don't visit my blog, but they reassured me by saying no one visits Hank's blog either.

Today I learned that the look on the moon's face is due to gas.


Rhett said...

Better start drilling the moon soon... we're running low.

Ken Kowal said...

'twas a classic

corner gas
dr. who
my name is earl
the office

this is my must tape list

Brenda Schmidt said...

I dunno if that gas is worth drilling for...

The only thing I've been watching these days is hockey, so I'm a stranger to a few of those shows and I'm falling way behind in the pop culture department. But I can tell you how long Mats Sundin will be out with his injured elbow. :)