Monday, November 13, 2006

This morning I spent some time

...looking at my mess of bookmarks. Since I'm not fond of long lists at the best of times, I was mighty tempted to delete the whole works and start again. I did finally tackle the list of writing sites. I gave some thought to a post I'd read on Maud as I pruned my list of general litblogs back drastically. Many of them link to the same stories, many of which I've already read in the Globe, the Guardian, CBC, BBC, etc. While I was pruning, I noticed that I've been moving away from general litblogs and spending more time reading more personal accounts of the literary scene. Friends aside, my current favourites include Bloggamooga, Eyewear, Hassenpfeffer and Lemon Hound. I don't know these people, but their blogs have enough of a narrative to keep me engaged.


Anita Daher said...

I used to love reading Ed's blog! I'd stopped visiting because for whatever reason my computer had trouble loading the page. Doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, so I'll put him back on my list. Thanks Brenda!

Brenda Schmidt said...

I've been checking in daily to see how his novel is coming along. I'm hoping his great work habits will rub off on me.