Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a thrill be named in the acknowledgements of this thesis! It's the first scholarly study on the poetry of Saskatchewan writer John V. Hicks. I downloaded the pdf last night and lo and behold, there my name was right beside The Dead Parrots. Wonderful!

This week flew by. My days have been long. The poems continue to come. My wall is now sheeted with them.

A large box arrived on Wednesday, a box full of poetry and nonfiction. I dug into the books right away. And, to top it off, on Wednesday night hockey season kicked off. I do my best writing during the regular season. I watched hockey Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (the Montreal-Buffalo game was awesome!) and I'll be on the couch again tonight for Hockey Night in Canada. This is my favourite time of year.


Paula Jane said...

Of course you were in the comments - you were a huge unfailing support even when I wasn't sure I could finish it. And the Dead Parrots are my friends I meet in Florida at the conference every year - you're in good (albeit strange) company.

I didn't know you were a hockey fan!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Well I'm tickled! Somehow I wasn't one bit surprised to see The Dead Parrots. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a Dead Parrot yourself. I don't even want to know how that name came to be. From Monty Python?

Yes, I am a serious hockey fan. Any game will do, but I cheer hardest for the Leafs in the east and the Oilers in the west. Poetry and hockey have much in common. My favourite player is Darcy Tucker. I want my poems to be small and skilled like Tucker and deliver Tucker-like hits. Who cares how many times my poems sit in the penalty box. Just play hard. My favourite goalie is Mikka Kiprusoff. I'd like my poems to be as agile as him and my save percentage to be as impressive.

Anita Daher said...

"I'd like my poems to be as agile as him and my save percentage to be as impressive."


You know, Brenda, you are busting stereotype...don't get a splinter.

Paula Jane said...

Absolutely from Monty Python. I figure eventually I won't be dead, I'll just be resting. *g*

Ah, hockey. I'm not a huge fan now, but growing up Canadian you can't help but feel some connection to the game, I think. I watched a lot of hockey when the Oilers were in their hay-day and I still feel a stirring of pride when I hear the theme from Hockey Night in Canada. Are you familiar with Michael Kennedy's anthology of hockey-related literature?

Brenda Schmidt said...

ha! Thanks Anita. Happy Thanksgiving!

No, Paula Jane, I'm not familiar with that anthology. Would I find it in the stick lit section?
I know what you mean about the theme from Hockey Night in Canada. The singing of the anthem/s always gets me, too. In fact, I am a tough anthem-singer critic. Too slow gets a big thumbs down. Off key, yikes, boo! The person who sang the anthem in Calgary on Saturday was the best I've heard so far this season. I wish Toronto would stick with one singer instead of mixing it up so much. I don't think the powers that be in Toronto understand the importance of it.

Happy Thanksgiving Paula Jane!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Kimmy Beach said...

found myself in those acknowledgements too! nice touch. yay!