Sunday, March 05, 2006

Today was so cold in Hanna, Alberta, the geese were icing up.

These Alberta cattle made me think of Edward Willet's post.

Tracy's recent windshield photography inspired me. This is what I saw at 110 km/hr. I wasn't driving.

I'm thinking of you guys.


Tracy Hamon said...

It's probably easier to take those photos when you're not driving, although really, not nearly as much fun!

I'm thinking a couple of the pancakes might've come in handy to defrost/dethrone the geese?

Anonymous said...

Looks like some good climbing on those mountains behind you, Brenda ;^D

GM said...

For the love of god, why are you thinking of us?

Ariel Gordon said...

hear! (here!)

Ken Kowal said...

ya got me
with the goose pic
i had to look twice