Saturday, January 28, 2006

Road conditions weren't great

...this morning. We had to watch for pedestrians.

We had to pull over now and again.

And there was a rabbit loose in the car.


Anonymous said...

You can have your roads. They look worse in the winter than they do in the summer !

Anita Daher said...

Haha :-) These pictures bring back memories! Did I mention we used to live in Thompson? We drove through Flin Flon to points west (using the Hanson Lake Road) many times.

GM said...

You have crows that far north? Who knew? Have they evolved fur?

(I was pointing out Creighton in the atlas to my boy Silas. He was unimpressed. But when I said the words, "It's right near Flin Flon" he descended into gales of laughter. This lead to a hunt for funny town names. His favourites are Flin Flon and Pickle Crow.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

anonymous, if only photos could do justice to the frost heaves. You'd be impressed then!

Ya, I've been traveling the Hanson Lake Road for going on 21 years. Yikes. Good thing I like road trips.

Uh, G, that's a raven.

GM said...

[Like a parrot] NeverMORE!

Brenda Schmidt said...