Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good grief

...is something I say fairly often. i.e. Good grief, have I seen "A Charlie Brown Christmas" that many times? Good grief. It's a perfect expression for writers and artists. A brushstroke is too thick and the colour is muddy. Good grief. The book you're writing is too long and you're still not done writing it. Good grief. Another rejection letter. Good grief. You're antsy as you wait for news on your submission, but you know it will be months before you hear back. Good grief. Yep, it sums up the whole process quite nicely.


Ariel Gordon said...

I prefer something a little more...colourful. Say in the blue-black range?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yes, I recall. Thank you for not giving examples.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Note: A friend just emailed and asked if I received a rejection, saying my post gives that impression. Sorry about that. I was just generalizing about the overall life of artists and writers. The good of it. The grief of it. How well the expression captures the fantastic tension. I wasn't referring to anything in particular.