Monday, August 08, 2005

Nothing has been on my mind

...the past couple days, so I spent part of the morning searching for nothingness. One topic in this bit about nothing held my attention for quite some time: "The problem of multiple nothings."

Perhaps nothing held my attention too tightly. Indeed, I blame the problem of multiple nothings on the problems I had with my painting today. The biggest issue I had was with the process itself. It felt so unfamiliar. My approach to watercolor seems to have changed against my will and so has my approach to color. Nothing went right at all.

Here are some comments on "Nothing Gold Can Stay", a poem by Robert Frost that fits well the day.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Brenda, there's nothing wrong with you that something can't cure.

Anonymous said...

“Take warning from all those times when on meeting again, we feel ashamed because we realise we had accepted the false simplification which absence permits, its obliteration of all those characteristics which, when we meet face to face, force themselves upon even the blindest. Where human beings are concerned, the statement ‘nothing is true’ is true—at a distance—and the converse is also true—at the moment of confrontation.” Dag Hammarskjold.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Tracy, ha ha to the first comment and a big thank you for the quote. I hadn't seen it before.