Thursday, August 04, 2005

A dry tube

...of paint. A missing brush. That set the mood for painting yesterday. Thankfully the sound of drills and hammers from the deconstruction across the street didn't find its way into the studio like it had my office. In the morning I'd been trying to read John Ashbery's Where Shall I Wander, but the hammers kept banging the words back out of my head. Anyhow, the day whipped by in the studio. I produced a large watercolor, the first in a very long time.

To celebrate, I ordered three books. A memoir, a novel and a collection of poems.


Ariel Gordon said...

Are you prepared to name names - which memoir? Which novel? Which collection of poems?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ariel, of course! The titles came up in conversation at the Saskatchewan Writers/Artists Colony at St. Peter's Abbey where, as you know, I spent a couple weeks in July.
There is a Season by Patrick Lane
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Selected Poems by Charles Simic

Ariel Gordon said...

Just finished There is a Season, in fact. Found it stronger than Go Leaving Strange, the collection that includes poems on many of the same topics/incidents described in There is a Season.

I've heard of the other books but haven't yet perused them. You'll have to let me know how they fare under the boreal lens...

Brenda Schmidt said...

Will do. There's a tardy book in the mix. The confirmation says the books won't be shipped until mid to late September, so my comments will be a long time coming.