Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Winnipeg leg

...of my road trip was wonderful. The reading at McNally Robinson Grant Park in Winnipeg with Ariel Gordon was capped off with a terrific chocolate cake with More Than Three Feet of Icing!

The next day we had a great time at the North-South Summit, an event organized by Ariel Gordon. The fun noon gathering consisted of dim sum and conversation at the Kum-Koon Garden. See Anita Daher's post.

Among all the great people I met were Jonathan Ball and Polly Washburn. I mention them specifically because they're part of May Day, the tremendous marathon of poetry that just wrapped up yesterday. Hats off to you all!


Anita Daher said...

Dim sum was so much fun! How was Churchill?

Brenda Schmidt said...

The Churchill reading is on June 18, the last stop of the tour. We'll spend a few days there. I'm really looking forward to it.