Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lunch Poems Frank O'Hara was added to my wish list today after a writer, in his comments on Ashbery, said he thinks O'Hara was the superior poet.

Both were part of the New York School of poets, a group of poets I obviously don't know much about. In the opening paragraph of Ashbery's tribute to O'Hara, he says he had to convince Kenneth Koch, another member of the New York School and another poet whose work I have not read, to admit O'Hara. I guess I should add Koch to my reading list as well.

Out of the varied poems unearthed in my search on O'Hara, the one in "The Sanity of Frank O'Hara" by Thom Gunn, the last tribute on the page, was the most moving. I read "To The Harbormaster" several times. Unfortunately, the poem is not in Lunch Poems. That means a collected or selected is in order as well.

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