Monday, April 04, 2005

Good storytellers

...are fascinating to watch and listen to, but try as I may to study their techniques and see what makes them so effective, I always get caught up in their stories and carried away from any objective stance. Today I ran across Kevin MacKenzie, the SWG's Storyteller-in-residence in "Storytellers celebrate Andersen's birthday" in the Star Phoenix. Last fall I had the pleasure of introducing Kevin MacKenzie's "Tell It! An Introduction to Oral Storytelling" workshop at the SWG conference. In the workshop I gained a better understanding of storytelling and what makes the good storytellers so good. That night I saw him in action. I was determined to focus on his technique, but he immediately had me hooked and ultimately lost in the story.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Brenda,
I, too, met the storyteller for the first time last fall at the SWG conference and was blown away by the fact that there didn't appear to be any technique in his telling, but then again, when the method is good, perhaps one doesn't notice that the technique doesn't appear. A bit like a magician. I prefer to think maybe it's the strength of the teller combined with the confidence in the story that does it. But what do I know these days.