Sunday, March 13, 2005

My spring pilgrimage Talking Fresh in Regina, Saskatchewan was wonderful. It's an eight hour drive one way, but it's more than worth it. Di Brandt, Steven Ross Smith and Miriam Toews gave great presentations, one and all. This year's theme was "writing and community". I spent the entire weekend immersed in the writing community, laughing as we volleyed thoughts and opinions, then laughing some more. Great fun.

A few things:

On the Canadian Association of Physicists’ website there's a new poem by Di Brandt from Welding and Other Joining Procedures. In this series of poems--some of which I was lucky enough to hear in her workshop yesterday--Brandt addresses the "huge gap between sciences and the humanities".

If you ever get the chance to see Po' Girl, do. A fantastic band overall, but my my, the fiddle was mesmerizing. The band is off to West Africa shortly.

And last but never least, I must mention my book purchases. Note: I already own books by the presenters, so that's why none are listed. Ok...

The Possible Past by Aislinn Hunter (see the praise given to it on Salt and Ice).

Czeslaw Milosz: New and Collected Poems, 1931-2001.

Wislawa Szymborska: Poems New and Collected, 1957-1997.


MackJohnny said...

Ah, Milosz and Szymborska, you'll be liking them, I think. I've got Milosz's 'Ars Poetica' pencilled in on the lineup card. Been intending to do a Szymborska, too. Haven't decided which one.

I like the title of the Brandt piece.

GM said...

Milosz and Szymborska... Ah. We had a Szymborska read at our wedding. You'll have to tell us what you think.