Sunday, March 20, 2005

The lomographs

... in Judith Rudakoff's photo essay, "Lomo Sapiens: Do you see what I see?" at Dooney's Cafe, are incredibly stimulating. The more I stare at the images, the more they seem to move, to vibrate, not only from left to right, but from foreground to background, resulting in an inability to locate a stable centre of interest or a solid sense of composition. The experience is quite unsettling. I thought at first I was overreacting, but I tried to draw the images from memory after looking at them, attempting only to capture the major shapes (a task I normally find quite easy), and found the results to be wanting, yet oddly generative.

I just checked out The Lomographic Society International website. Both the site's events page and Rudakoff's essay speak of a lomographic movement, a movement that is happening right now. Literary and visual art movements have been on my mind of late. Maybe I should price out a LOMO Kompakt Automat camera.

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