Sunday, January 23, 2005

Yesterday, by chance, the voice

...of a poet whose work I am close to reached my ear. Immediately that voice became part of the poems I've read over and over. For that I am grateful.

Sadly, I will never hear the voice of Richard Outram in the same way. For more on Outram's passing go to Bookninja.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, B. You're a real pal.

I hope people take the time to research and read Outram's work. It truly is difficult, but it rewards. Like Geoffrey Hill, whom I know you like. I think he was honestly having us on in some of his work. He could play from street hustling sleight-of-hand con-artist to grand illusionist. And more often than not, he could do real magic.

I feel a little strange today, a little exposed. I usually post under a mask at Bookninja and it's weird to be so raw there.


Brenda Schmidt said...

It rewards. How true. I certainly wish I had your Outram collection. You were lucky to know him. And he, you.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Note: please revisit the Bookninja link in this post - it now leads to a remembrance, complete with links.