Saturday, January 15, 2005

Windchill warning continued

It's been too cold for too long. The chickadees have been frosted up for days. Bits of poems - sometimes a line, sometimes a few words with blurs on either side - come to mind only to freeze, crack and shatter within moments. I spent the morning hunting for The Orchards of Syon, hoping to thaw whatever it is inside that froze overnight (yes, indeed, I believe something did freeze) but the book will not show itself. So I am here, looking.

Tonight I will finish Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I think I'm in love with Childermass...


Constance said...

Whatever it is that froze inside-that's all last year's hope of ever making it through winter 2003. But we did anyway.
That leaves just me(and all fellow 2004 survivors) to throw in the towel for this winter circa 2004.
Which I'm just shy of Valentine's to do.
Stay warm.
Stay fit.
But don't just stay.

John said...

Childermass ended up being my favourite character. The gentleman with the thistledown hair was a close second, though.